Der Genussvegetarier!
Soups and Starters
o Miso soup, Shirataki noodles, tofu, vegetables (vegan, Gluten free) 6
o Carrot soup with fenugreek, Poppadum (vegan, Gluten free) 6
o Mixed salad bowl with lentils (vegan, Gluten free) 6, as a main 14
o Three types of beetroot: roasted, carpaccio, flan, wasabi crème fraiche (Gluten free) 9
o 4 Mezze: for example: Bulgur, Tzatziki, Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ganoush,
and roti bread
(vegan possible) 9, as a main 16
Pasta & Main
Pasta in Gorgonzola-cream with Grapes and Walnut (Gluten free possible) 13
Pasta, olive oil, black truffles, parmesan, pine nuts (Gluten free possible) 19
Potato pancakes, mashed eggplant, tofu, spinach, pine nuts (vegan, Gluten free) 17
o Black salsify, heard of artichoke, carrots in creamy wine sauce, roasted buckwheat, red pepper and smoked cheese (Gluten free) 16
o Melanzane Parmigiana, roasted eggplant with parmesan, tomatoes, scarmorza smoked cheese 17
o Soy goulash, polenta with truffles, French beans (vegan) 19
o Indian Thali: Soy-Tandoori, lentil-Daal, spinach Marsala, Cocos-Curry, Cardamom-Rice, Poppadum (vegan possible) 20
o Tart of the season with matching cream 7
o Limoncello mousse, cranberries (vegan, Gluten free) 7
o Mango cream with fresh fruits (vegan, Gluten free) 7
o Peanut butter Philadelphia cake with chocolate sauce in a glass 7
o Mixed cheese plate, fruits of the season, walnuts, pane carasau 9
o Little surprise dessert 4
No credit cards!
Daily menu on the blackboard in the restaurant!
The dish sizes are made for a 3 course menu, we prepare everything individual, which takes time...
Fridays, Saturdays and the evening before holidays we only serve a fixed menu.
Please tell us when ordering, if you are allergic against
anything or if you don``t like garlic or alcohol in your dish!

We don`t serve tap water! No credit cards accepted!
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